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Choose Your Logo After Hiring a Designer

If you’re thinking about hiring a graphic designer for your logo commission, check out my post about 7 Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Graphic Designer.

Now that you’ve hired a designer and you’re waiting on that first set of logo options, keep these few tips in mind!

Tip 1: Check to make sure your design isn’t a copycat of another business. Listen, don’t be a biter! Google has a great tool where you can drag and drop an image from the web or your computer, into the search box, to and it will unveil other places your image has been utilized.

Tip 2: Your logo should still look great in various color scales. Ask your designer to apply a few filters, convert your logo options into black and white and grayscale and make sure your logo still represents your brand. Also, once you narrow it down to a set of logos, ask for two-toned examples and make sure your logo always looks great on a white background.

Tip 3: Ask a few friends what they think of your logo options. Sometimes friends and colleagues can see things in your logo options that you’ve never considered.

Want to see what not to do? Check out this logo fail below!


If you want to see more, check out my board on Pinterest:

Tip 4: Avoid using characters in languages that you cannot speak, read or understand! Language characters are beautiful, no doubt, but if you cant interpret what’s being written, how will you know what’s really being written? You can get into a ton of trouble or convey a meaning you don’t intend. Be warned!

Check out these tattoo fails…

Tip 5: After you choose the final logo, make sure you get a copy of the font file. This is so crucial, your logo will likely include a font that you will want to use throughout your marketing materials, your website and your overall branding. Make sure you get that font file and have commercial use to utilize in other materials and your logo.

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