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Choose Your Logo After Hiring a Designer

If you're thinking about hiring a graphic designer for your logo commission, check out my post about 7 Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Graphic Designer. Now that you've hired a designer and you're waiting on that first set of logo options, keep these few tips in mind! Tip 1: Check to make sure your design isn't a copycat of another business. Listen, don't be[...]


7 Tips Before Hiring a Graphic Designer

Are you in the process of starting your own business or redesigning your brand? If so, you'll be looking to create or update your company logo - so stay with me, this post is for you! Communicating the vision for your brand logo, to your graphic designer, will be critical in creating your primary graphic identity. Whether you're contracting a freelancer or using[...]


3 Facebook Cover Secrets to Know!

So you've uploaded your perfect Facebook cover photo, on your business page, then you check your page from your phone; and behold, your title is cut off, half your face is missing and you are ready to throw your phone out the window! Ok, so maybe not as dramatic, but you know you can't leave your cover photo that way. That's ok! Your girl has got you covered! I'[...]