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5 Benefits to Using the Facebook Pixel for Your Online Marketing

Here are 5 great benefits to installing the Facebook Pixel on your website:

Benefit 1: You can configure your product ads, to show up in the feeds of your recent website visitors. You can direct your ads, to show the exact products they viewed! WHHHAAAAT!?!?!?! 

Benefits 2: You can create audiences in Facebook that look like your current customers. Not quite understanding? You’ll be able to reach new potential customers, that look like, any previous customer you’ve ever had, in your database. 

Benefits 3: You can track the # of times people visit a certain page on your website. For instance, you can track users that reached your “Thank you” page or your “Shopping cart” page. Also, you can track how many customers are buying a particular product. In the “industry,” we call this, tracking your conversions or tracking your page events.

Benefits 4: If you’re a social media manager for other organizations, you can manage multiple Facebook Pixels, for each of your client’s websites, using Facebook’s Business Manager. Just remember, it’s against Facebook’s terms if you don’t use multiple pixels to track different websites, even if you own. the websites. 1 PIXEL for 1 WEBSITE.

Benefits 5: It’s FREE.99! It’s free to use the pixel. But it will cost you to advertise, so set your ads budget. Even if you try $1.00 a day (for 10 days) to test things out.



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