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3 Facebook Cover Secrets to Know!

So you’ve uploaded your perfect Facebook cover photo, on your business page, then you check your page from your phone; and behold, your title is cut off, half your face is missing and you are ready to throw your phone out the window!

Ok, so maybe not as dramatic, but you know you can’t leave your cover photo that way. That’s ok! Your girl has got you covered!

I’ve gone through a dozen trials with my own image, and I can save you some time and energy with these 3 secrets to ensure you have the perfect placement for your business Facebook cover image.

Also, if you read until the end, I have an awesome FREEBIE just for you!

I created a .PSD template (a PhotoShop extension), with guides,Ā that can help you design a cover photo that will display on your desktop and mobile devices, as you intend. Click here to get the template, today!

Secret 1: Increase Your Image/Canvas Size

PIN ITIf you’re using Photoshop, start off with an image size of: 1224 x 488, with a resolution of: 144. These dimensions are about a half-size larger than the recommended Facebook sizing, but it scales down beautifully for Facebook. If you’d like to review Facebook’s sizing recommendation, click here.

Side note: If you’re not using Photoshop, try using canva.com or even (shhhh!…MS Paint šŸ˜‰ dont tell my designer friends I said this…sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!).


Secret 2: Place Your Most Valuable Imagery in the Center


Even though Facebook provides a recommendation of image sizing, it doesn’t tell you that your mobile image will be cut off if you don’t position your most valuable portions of your image, in the middle. In my example on the left, I keep my copy, center of the image, in the middle of my cover photo. Keep the main portion of your image inside the “teal” guide lines.


Secret 3: Use an image without any text

If you can find an style of image that reflects your brand, you hit the jackpot! Text looks blurry on mobile because Facebook compresses cover photos, but photos without text hold their luster.


If you found these secrets helpful, please share this post with your friends on social. Don’t forget to download my FB Cover Photo Template (.PSD) for FREE, just click below and get it today!


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